Berlin Food Week for Wild Blueberries

To capitalize on the popularity of Berlin Food Week and to raise awareness among foodies of the superior quality and versatility of wild blueberries from Canada, mk² commissioned a booth at the culinary food market of the central shopping mall Bikini Berlin to showcase delicacies from client Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA).

Berlin Food Week attracts manufacturers, brands, chefs, gastronomists, and start-up companies from around the world. The WBANA booth was poised in the heart of the event, the “House of Food” which attracts 58,000 visitors in two days. Promotional assistants offered guests samples of wild blueberry mini muffins, wild blueberry smoothies, and blueberry chutney with goat cheese. The activity was a huge hit with visitors. Wild blueberries were presented in a variety of creative formats with recipes shared for inspiration. 
All 1,500 samples were gone immediately, as were 1,200 brochures and 2,000 recipe cards. The exhibition was one of the most successful events of Berlin Food Week, and through the event media platforms reached more than 120,000 additional consumers.
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