California Walnut Candy Competition

With the concept of developing the world’s best walnut-inspired sweet creations, mk² initiated a chocolate candy competition for client California Walnut Commission (CWC), featuring several renowned Austrian, Swiss, and German confectioners. 

The competition ran for three consecutive years with the goal of developing innovative California walnut products for the food industry and the confectionary segment specifically. The competition paved the way for product development for California walnuts, giving direct access to industry R&D departments and establishing relationships with their decision-makers.

Winner retail trade

Winner Premium

Competition entrants were awarded in categories like retail and premium and were judged on a variety of factors including concept, flavor, aesthetic, and market potential. Winning creations have included “Greek Dream” using walnut-honey nougat and Greek yogurt and “Walnut Magic” with a walnut-cream filling. In all, more than 40 well-known food manufacturers participated in the competitions and more than 60 new recipes for chocolate candies were developed.

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