“Liquid” California Walnuts conquer the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB)

Who would think that crunchy walnuts could be turned into delicious drinks? To demonstrate product versatility and develop new market segments, mk² presented California Walnuts as an ideal cocktail ingredient to the Bar Convent Berlin (BCB), a leading international trade show for the bar & beverage industry. At the heart of the event was the California Walnuts Cocktail Collection. Pure walnut essences, cocktails, and mocktails created by no less than Javier de las Muelas, one of the most prominent cocktail masters in the world.

To kick off its BCB debut, this selection of walnut-infused beverages was introduced at an exclusive reception at the U.S. Embassy Berlin. The ambassador welcomed representatives from the German spirit industry, importers, bartenders, and press to sample liquid California walnuts. The California Walnut Cocktail Collection was showcased to BCB’s 9,000 visitors through promotional cocktail recipe brochures and other giveaways. To maximize efficiency while minimizing costs, mk² used design synergies from a similar promotion in the Spanish market. 

A highlight of the event was a “Liquid” California Walnuts cocktail workshop organized for 60 participants who took part in cocktail demonstrations and tastings and received take-home recipe kits. 

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