Doctor’s Office Outreach Campaigns

Patients in a doctor’s waiting room have an average of 41 minutes of idle time during their appointment. This captive audience already has their health in mind and their doctor is a trusted source for professional health information. mk² has seized this educational opportunity for several clients by providing informational materials through doctors’ offices.

Potential customers can learn about the specific nutritional profile of these products, as well as their origin and availability in Europe. Promotions can be aimed at specific demographics. For Québec Maple Syrup Producers and the Cranberry Marketing Committee, mk² targeted women through 4,500 gynecologist’s offices in Germany, promoting antioxidants and nutrients found in maple and cranberries for urinary tract health.

Prunes contain vitamins and minerals shown to increase bone density, so for Amaz!ng Prunes, mk² produced a special brochure on bone health for display in 2,000 orthopedic practices.

A brochure highlighting Alaska Seafood as part of a healthy, active lifestyle was distributed to 6,200 doctor’s waiting rooms in Poland, France, and Germany, helping the brand reach 10 million potential customers.

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