Influencer Harvester Tours

Tours to harvesting locations can create lifelong relationships between products and influencers by giving insights into an industry and its characters and creating powerful brand ambassadors. 

Over multiple harvest seasons, mk² invited bloggers and media from Germany and France to Canada for a wild blueberry harvest tour on behalf of client Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA). The groups visited Canada’s main producing areas, Nova Scotia and Québec, touring wild blueberry fields, picking fresh berries, and meeting farmers. Influencers met with university students working to improve harvesting methods and entrepreneurs developing new wild blueberry products. Each visit included a cooking session with “The Kilted Chef,” Alian Bosse, in his home. 

The future nutritionists created seven new products

On one fateful trip, influencers Jens Glatz “Kochhelden” and Mirja Glatz “Kuechenchaotin” found more than inspiration for their food and travel stories, they found each other. Since falling in love in the wild blueberry fields of Nova Scotia, the couple have traveled the food world together and shared their love story.

Thanks to these trips, our influencers have shared their passion and knowledge of wild blueberries with their online communities creating new content and reaching several million unique users annually. 

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