Making Cranberries an Essential Cocktail Ingredient

Cranberry juice wasn’t always a standard ingredient for popular cocktails like the Cosmopolitan. To establish cranberries as an essential ingredient for modern mixology, mk² developed a promotional campaign targeted toward bartenders and consumers in Germany and France.

The campaign included regional cocktail promotions, a magazine collaboration, and nationwide distribution of city cards, free promotional postcards found in high-traffic areas. Creative posters, cocktail napkins and an original cocktail guide contributed to the publicity. 

During the campaign period, almost 12,000 city cards were placed in more than 1,600 locations in 13 cities. Locations included bars, clubs, pubs, cafés, bistros, restaurants, cultural sites, and cinemas. Additionally, 14,000 cocktail guides were distributed to professional bartenders. The campaign also included a collaboration with Mixology, the highest circulated trade magazine for the cocktail industry. 

Thanks to the success of this campaign and to mk²’s pan-European network, cranberry cocktail promotions were replicated in Romania and Hungary. Today, cranberry juice is considered a staple ingredient for bartenders across Europe. 

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