Maple & Bild der Frau Cooking Webinar 

To reach a broad consumer audience and encourage everyday use of Maple from Canada, mk² developed a fully integrated campaign in collaboration with Funke Media, one of Germany’s largest media groups.

The campaign featured an exclusive cooking webinar co-hosted by Bild der Frau, Germany’s best-selling women’s magazine, and EAT CLUB, the food hub of Funke Media. The webinar starred Chef René Stein, a German chef and Maple Ambassador. The campaign was publicized through several channels: print advertorials, an in-depth brand story on the Bild der Frau website, teasers across social media channels, and an e-newsletter. Consumers competed to join the webinar and from that, 22 cooking teams were selected. Participants were each sent ingredients for a three-course Maple menu to cook in their own kitchens alongside Chef René Stein.

Press surrounding the event generated print circulation of over 680,000, with an overall ad value of EUR 200,000. An affiliated cooking show aired on EAT CLUB TV resulting in more than 200,000 views. Social media buzz from the cooking class reached over 170,000 consumers.

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