Maple from Canada Media Collaboration

For client Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP), mk² wants to change consumer perception, inspiring German customers to use Maple from Canada not only as a sweetener, but as a kitchen essential for seasoning. mk² selected influential media partner, LECKER, a contemporary culinary lifestyle magazine with on-trend recipes and modern food photography.

For this multi-channel campaign, LECKER created a detailed product booklet featuring 12 Maple from Canada recipes. The recipes showcased the versatility of Maple – from sweet to savory, starter to main course to dessert. The booklet was published as an add-on to the magazine with one of the recipes featured within.

Simultaneously, Maple from Canada was shared through LECKER’s online channels. The online articles featured additional easy-to-cook recipes, practical tips, and nutrition information. Sponsored posts ran across LECKER’s social media channels.
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