Product Development for California Walnuts

mk² client California Walnut Commission (CWC) aspires to provide the food industry with new inspiration for California Walnuts while maintaining focus on the nut’s unique characteristics. 

In partnership with Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), mk² launched a Product Development Seminar, tasking ten nutrition students to create new uses for California Walnuts. The future nutritionists created seven new products: walnut spread with fruit topping, gluten-free egg pasta with walnuts, meringue with walnut filling and either cocoa or yogurt glaze, tofu with walnuts and Persian spices, walnut energy balls, and a vegan mortadella sausage with walnuts. 

Students‘ Product Development Project

Walchu: Walnut spread with fruit topping

Walnut Cloud Cocoa: Meringue with walnut filling and cocoa glaze

Walnut Cloud Yoghurt: Meringue with walnut filling and yogurt coating

Waltofu: Tofu with walnuts and Persian spices

WalNoo: Gluten-free egg pasta with walnuts

Mr. Brain‘s Mountain Bar: Walnut energy ball

Weega: Vegan sausage mortadella style with walnuts

The future nutritionists created seven new products

Thanks to this partnership, CWC owns the formulas for all seven products to use in future industry collaborations. mk² commissioned professional photography of the products for use in B2B marketing materials and trade advertising campaigns. 

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