Wild Alaska Seafood Month

Wild Alaska Seafood Month, a multi-channel promotion focused on sustainability and health launched across Europe in January 2022. Several concurrent consumer and trade promotions created awareness and increased visibility for Alaska Seafood in major EU markets. 

Retail promotions were the foundation of the trade campaign, with in-store and online activations. At the point-of-sale, trade marketing was supported by tastings and in-store advertising featuring Alaska on TV screens at key locations within supermarkets to attract attention and directly impact purchasing decisions. In France, Alaska Seafood was promoted at wholesaler Costco with in-store sampling of yellowfin sole, pollock, and salmon. Responding to shifting consumer buying habits, much of the promotional activity occurred online, through e-commerce sites and shopping apps.

The trade marketing was supported by a media collaboration with top press outlet Funke Media with Alaska Seafood featured on their smart TV channels and podcasts. On the consumer side, mk2 initiated a health-focused campaign working with sports influencers and gym chain Fitness First. To boost the promotion, a partnership was forged with the top German basketball team, ALBA Berlin. 

The month-long promotion yielded strong results across multiple platforms. Shopping app Bring! generated 12 million impressions and Alaska Seafood sales valued at USD $242,000. Friedrichs’ online store saw sales increase by 63% during Wild Alaska Seafood Month and Rewe’s ecommerce site by 48.5%. Additionally, Rewe reported 32.1 million online contacts. Sales from grocery delivery service Lelka reached USD $390,000. The in-store TV reach is estimated to have been seen by 9 million shoppers.  

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